Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We are receiving many questions via email from customers and prospective customers about our farm and what products we offer, our farming practices, etc. so we decided to start a blog that we could share the questions and answers with everyone that is interested in what we are doing.  This is my first attempt at "Blogging" so bear with me! 

Once question that I have received many times in the last few weeks is whether we offer raw milk.  We do not currently offer raw milk or dairy products, but based on the large demand we are looking into the possibility of acquiring several dairy cows so we could make it available.  The "food police" have done an excellent job of making it very difficult to provide this very nutritious product to our families.  Right now we are compiling a list of interested buyers of raw milk and butter.   Illinois law allows us to provide raw milk to our customers if they pick it up from the farm in their own container, and we don't advertise the availability.  

If we can get 20 - 25 families together that would regularly purchase raw milk and could pick it up from our farm, we can probably make that work.  Please email me or reply to this blog post if you are interested.